Student Testimonials


Ivy - ESL Student


"I am very happy to have this opportunity to learn from Mrs. B in ESL class. CAS has helped to improve my fundamental issue on English." - Ivy

Kathleen - Parent Education


"I as a mother have learned that being a parent is not something that you learn once, but continue to learn throughout your life." - Kathleen

Marchon - Diploma Student


"CAS has done a lot for me this past year that I have been here. I passed my Exit Exam thanks to the classes they provided for me." - Marchon

Maritza - ESL Student


"It is never too late to learn at CAS. My challenge is to read, write, and speak English well and to develop my skills." - Maritza

Victor - Diploma Student


"CAS has given me the chance to make someone out of myself. I am lucky to get my education to achieve my goals." - Victor

Student - CAS Student


"Be the next student to share in the lifelong learning experience provided by Chaffey Adult School." - CAS Staff